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  • Automotive product design and R&D

    2016-12-15 03:28:00

    "Perfect design and development capabilities of au...

  • Engineering and Technological Research on Noise Vibration of

    2016-12-15 03:21:00

    China Automotive Engineering Research Institute Co...

  • Research on Chassis Performance and Reliability Technology

    2016-12-15 03:31:00

    We are equipped with advanced testing facilities a...

  • Automotive Wind Tunnel Center

    2016-12-29 03:47:00

    China Automotive Engineering Research Institute Co...

  • Researches on Power Assembly and Electric Vehicle

    2016-12-15 03:30:00

    Automotive power assembly technological researchme...

  • Automotive material and lightweight R&D

    2016-12-15 03:32:00

    It provides solutions for enhancing auto lightweig...

  • Research on intelligent vehicle test and assessment

    2017-01-21 17:24:00

    It is of integrity capacity for intelligent vehicl...

  • Auto Industry Decision-making Consulting

    2016-12-15 03:31:00

    Provide professional consultant services and solut...


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